Welcome to POOJA NEWS & FEATURES NETWORK – your dynamic PR partner in navigating the challenging social structures of today’s world. As you know, the media, both print and electronic, has become the most influential tool for shaping public perceptions and responses across the globe. That’s why we’re here to help you make the most of it.

About us: Our team of experts specializes in content management, media management, memorandum development, and positioning that takes into account your unique priorities, the environments you operate in, and the audiences you need to reach. We are committed to helping you establish your brand value through the power of print and social media.

At News & Features Network, we are proud to be associated with several channels (local and national), daily newspapers, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly magazines, and specialized journals devoted to different disciplines and arts, in collaboration with various media houses. Our network also provides free consultancy services in the field of media management, event management, and newspaper publicity to help you establish and maintain your brand value.

If you’re looking for the latest breaking news and live updates from Northern India, be sure to visit our news portal at poojanews.com. You can also connect with us on Twitter at twitter.com/newsnetmzn using the hashtags #News #Latest #Update.

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News Network/editorial members are the members of different organizations as follows

  • National Association for Media Literacy Education, New York
  • National Media Co-federation, India
  • District Press Club (s)
  • International Federation of Journalists, Belgium

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Our Specialization -Free Consultancy
Our Strength –
Press Conference/Press Meet Quality work
All kinds of advertisements/News Promotion Commitment
Brand Building Our Team  Members
Preplanning to enhance profile Experience
Creative approach & execution Time Management
Media Planning & coordinationGroup of News Papers
Preparing advertising campaign for media
All kinds of printing & media work