1.)Managing Editor
Dr. S.K. Agarwal   Senior Journalist
Dr. S.K. Agarwal is the Managing editor of the news network.  After completing his studies from Chaudhary Charan Singh University (formerly Meerut University), Meerut, he started his carrier in the challenging field of Journalism. He has a wide range of experience of over about 3.5 decades in the field of media, Journalism and event-media management. He is associated with several reputed newspapers, channels and magazines nationally and internationally.

Contact E.mail- drsanjaykagarwal@gmail.com

2.)Senior Editor In-charge & Director
Shyama Charan Panwar  ADV.
S.C. Panwar is the Deputy-Director of the team & responsible for news and advert section. Panwar, a science & law graduate from the C.C.S. University, Meerut is senior journalist, Advocate and Ex director of Patrakar Puram Sehkari Aawas Samiti Ltd. He has over 23 years of experience in the field.

Contact E.mail- panwar@poojanews.com

3.)Executive Editor- Portal Design & Contents team
Vivek Singh
He is Executive Editor of the team & responsible for overall coordination including global communication.


4.) Editor & Co-ordinator Affiliation & Bureau Team
Pramod Tyagi  LLB, LLM
Pramod Tyagi (advocate) is the senior editor of the portal team. He writes on public-government aspects, social issue, political scenario and opinion polls. He is responsible for coordination, all published news contents and future affiliations/registrations.

Contact E.mail- info@poojanews.com 

5.) News Desk
Anchal Agarwal  ADV.
Ms. Anchal Agarwal is responsible for news portal-general desk section. She is working as a senior civil Lawyer & Professor of Law. She has been elected as Secretary (Lib) of District civil bar association.

Contact E.mail- anchal@poojanews.com

6.)Human Resource
 Akanksha Agarwal  MBA-HR Finance
Mrs. Akanksha Agarwal is responsible for all freelancer- recruitment and other team management.

Contact E.mail- akanksha@poojanews.com

7.)Digital Marketing
 Aastha Tyagi  B.Tech.
Ms. Aastha Tyagi is responsible for Digital marketing related activities & programs.

Contact E.mail- aastha@poojanews.com

8.) Content Editor
Nisha Goswami

Ms. Nisha Goswami is a senior content editor & writer. She writes on latest Bollywood films, web series and social media reviews.

Contact E.mail- nisha.goswami@spicebhasha.in

9.)Senior Editor- Religious Section
Ravindra Jaiswal Vastu-Astro Specialist

Mr. Ravindra Jaiswal is senior content editor & certified Vastu specialist. He writes on religious & astrology related topics.

Contact E.mail- R.jaiswal79@gmail.com

10.)Editor- Society Empowerment (Special Invitee)
 Prof. Rajul Garg  Ph.D

Dr. Rajul Garg actively writes on academics and student empowerment issue. He is a senior academician & director of an engineering college in India.

Contact E.mail- garg.rajul2010@gmail.com

11.)General Write-up
Nishant Sharma 

Mr. Sharma writes on social aspects and general issues related to public domain.

Contact E.mail- info@poojanews.com

12.)Editor- Ayurveda-Natural and Home medicine
 Dr. Jyoti Omprakash Gupta

Dr. Gupta is a senior Doctor & member of editorial board. She writes in the area of natural and home medicine effectively. Her efforts are made to make natural and domestic medicine simple and accessible in the language of the people.

Contact E.mail- garg.jyoti1987@gmail.com

13.)Editor- Homeopathy-Health & Training
 Dr. Ved Prakash  B.H.M.S.

Dr. Prakash is a senior Doctor & member of editorial board from Nawada, Bihar. He has successfully treated complex diseases. He is actively involved in providing the simplest, purest, cheapest and most accessible medical method is home medicine.

Contact E.mail- vedprakashhomoeotrang@gmail.com

14.)Regional Reporting- News
 Vicky Chawla

Mr. Chawla actively involved in the journalism through a well-connected & quick responsive team of young minds. He manages the city & regional news contents throughout the zone.

Contact E.mail- info@poojanews.com

15.)Editor: Academics & Entrepreneurship Development
 Dr. Alpna Garg 

Dr. Garg is working as Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Shri K K Jain (PG) College, Khatauli, District Muzaffarnagar, U.P., India. She is expert in Industrial Economics, National and International Economics etc. She is continuously Working for productivity and entrepreneurship development through a non-government organization

Contact E.mail- info@poojanews.com

16.)News Desk- Reporter
 Mr. Sharafat Khan

Mr. Khan has been in journalism since more than 5 years.

 17.)Editor : Innovation & Academic contents

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Malviya

Dr. Malviya is an experienced academician & famous author working in academics. He writes on industrial innovation, engineering & academic development related field.

 Editorial Desk: